Fives Bar & Grill

Fives Bar & Grill is OPEN!!!

Since taking over the iconic Randburg Indoor Soccer League arena in 2016 we have been continually striving to make it the best arena in South Africa by completely redoing the fields and giving the clubhouse a major face lift. And while we’ve tried different options for the kitchen we have finally decided to take it in house and and give you a great selection of delicious food to cater for everyone’s tastes.

We brought in one of the best chefs in the industry who has worked all over the world to help us develop an incredible menu and that he did. There were recipes on there that i wasn’t sure about but i trusted him and he won us over with plate by mouthwatering plate, but more on that later.


Before we could do any training we decided to give the kitchen a makeover. In the space of a week we; moved plumbing and electrical, tiled the walls, painted the entire kitchen, moved equipment and tables around and bought a whole bunch of cool new ‘toys’ for the kitchen.

We then had to learn how to make all the food on our menu. This was the best part because we got to make all the food and try it as we went along! We even had staff coming in early to work just to try all the new delicious food on offer; and we were all blown away. We have been really happy with everything that came out of the kitchen and really proud of our staff for the hard work they put in to making sure the food was excellent.

We wanted to make the food at Fives bar & Grill special, and one way we did this is, we decided to make as much of what we are offering, by hand from scratch like our burgers, as well as our sauces for all the food and you can really taste the difference. We’re pretty sure it’s because it’s made with love and pride.

We have been so excited to to bring Fives Bar & Grill to you. We wanted to deliver great food not only for those who play soccer here, but to their supporters so they can have dinner and a show, to the person who wants to just have a drink and snack after work while they avoid the traffic, to the moms who don’t feel like getting home late and still having to make food and for the sports enthusiast who never misses a premier league game with friends who can now watch and share a snack basket or pizza among themselves.

Food brings us all together and we really hope you enjoy trying all our delicious new dishes.

If you don’t know where to start I recommend the hat-trick pizza or the hake goujans.

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